John G. Lyons

President, TDX Power, Inc

3601 C Street, Suite 1000

Anchorage, AK 99503


Power-systems switchgear and controls experts.

TDX Global Solutions LLC is the recognized industry leader in custom switchgear and power controls design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.  Our customers are international airports, regional hospitals, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (MDA), water-treatment facilities, regional and local utilities, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our team of multidiscipline professionals has comprehensive expertise in the electrical and mechanical areas of gas, diesel, gas-turbine, and wind-turbine equipment, including all associated switchgear and controls, and the associated auxiliary equipment.

TDX Global Solutions’ experts are noted for their proficiency in systems integration, programmable logic controllers controls, human-machine interface packages, and associated communications systems, inclusive of remote monitoring and control, if desired. This expertise is advantageous to any future system enhancements and potential system-upgrade requirements, especially if you are considering a retrofit.

We provide worldwide support for all facets of power-generation systems and controls, and our team has worked on projects up to 220MW in size, inclusive of reciprocating and gas-turbine-unit combinations and their associated controls.